About us

Over 30 years of experience and know-how.


EPL is a UNI EN/IEC ISO 17025 certified structure and is configured as a technological centre for research, verification and certification of materials, components and finished products, both in the field of household appliances and other devices.

It features state-of-the-art technological equipment and consists of a team with high technical and scientific skills. Electrical, mechanical, physical, electro-technical and chemical engineers able to deal with issues such as fluid dynamics, electronics, electromagnetic compatibility of the product.
EPL also involves engineers, researchers and university innovators who, under the supervision and guidance of our specialized technicians, can access the use of machines and test platforms for their projects.

The laboratory

Founded in 1983, Elica Propulsion Laboratory has its new headquarters in a modern structure covering an area of over 2500 sq m with offices and testing areas.

The structure has been committed for over 30 years in a constant growth in terms of professionalism, skills, technology and passion. Today EPL is an international reference point in the field of materials testing and product certification.

Testing areas


The area of the laboratory where we carry out tests on electrical and mechanical safety, assessing the impact on each type of user (especially children and / or people with reduced abilities).

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Performance and energy efficiency

We analyze the performance of electric motors, hoods, air purifiers and induction plans in accordance with the Energy Label and Ecodesign Directives.

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Noise analysis and measurement

A top-level structure, among the few in the world, thanks to which we are able to measure and analyze every noise-related aspect.

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Electromagnetic compatibility

We test the electromagnetic immunity and the emission of electromagnetic pulses to ensure the functioning and compliance of different devices, not just household appliances.

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Reliability and packaging

This is where we test the reliability of materials, components and finished products to ensure their integrity and durability.

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a project

EPL provides young engineers, recent graduates and researchers with its test platforms. Click below and go to the dedicated form to submit your project ideas.