Research and certifications

We carry out daily research activities based on customer requests, with an approach strongly oriented to regulatory aspects.

Our Partners

We work with leading certification institutions and independent organizations to provide customers with support in verifying the conformity and efficiency of materials and finished products.

Present in Italy since 1947, it is one of the world's leading manufacturers of technologically advanced products for professional applications in the Communications and Information Technology sectors.

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Since 1965 it has been involved in the marketing and technical assistance of high-profile devices and products in the field of electrical engineering and electronics.

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Since 1985 the company is specialized in the supply of equipment for the analysis of noise and vibration.

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Since 1893 UL has been providing expertise in strategic businesses for the promotion of safe living and working environments around the world.

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In EPL we interpret research activities as the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, to use to develop new products, processes and services or improve the existing ones.

The following development, i.e. the acquisition, combination, organisation and use of scientific and technological knowledge and skills to develop products, processes, materials or services, is left to the customer. EPL provides support for activities of electrical safety certification, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, reliability and packaging.