Noise analysis and measurement

High technology for acoustic performance analysis

Reverberation chamber

A structure of the highest technological level that allows us to reconstruct the acoustic spectrum and the noise level of any household appliance. A one-of-a-kind project, developed with the Department of Acoustics of the University of Padua, able to ensure one of the lowest levels of background noise. Both the reverberation chamber and the anechoic chamber can be air conditioned with an excellent degree of precision for tests that perfectly simulate the outside environment.

Anechoic camber

It’s based on the opposite concept to the reverberation chamber. Communication between the two chambers allows combined measurements of products consisting of more than one unit. We are able to produce acoustic holography, i.e. the visualization of the noise levels of a product through a color representation.

Since 1985 the company is specialized in the supply of equipment for the analysis of noise and vibration.

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